Swollen Heart Symptoms You Need To Watch Out for

Symptoms of a swollen heart do not always arise, especially if the disorder is not severe. Therefore, do not ignore the mild symptoms that you may actually have experienced when you have a swollen heart. Swollen heart or cardiomegaly is not a disease, the condition is actually a sign of a certain clinical condition or disease. Symptoms of a swollen heart that arise depend on the cause. In some people, a swollen heart does not cause symptoms, but in others the symptoms of a swollen heart that can cause the body to feel uncomfortable. Signs and Symptoms of Swollen Heart that Often Occur It is important for you to recognize the causes and symptoms of a swollen heart, because the condition of a swollen heart will be easier to handle when detected early. The following signs and symptoms that are often found in some patients with swollen heart, include: Shortness of breath (especially when on the move or when lying flat).Arrhythmia or heart rhythm disorders.Swollen legs and feet.Weigh…
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