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Hepatitis A Vaccine Prevents Infections That Cause Liver Damage

Giving the hepatitis A vaccine can reduce the risk of someone infected with the hepatitis A virus. The way it works is by making the immune system recognize this virus, so that when the virus attacks, the body can directly fight it. Hepatitis A (HAV) is an inflammation of the liver caused by hepatitis A virus infection. Transmission of hepatitis A is through fecal-oral, ie the virus enters through the mouth through food or drink that has been contaminated with the feces of the patient. This disease can be prevented in several ways. One of them is by giving the hepatitis A vaccine, which will stimulate the body's immune system to produce antibodies against the hepatitis A virus. This vaccine contains the hepatitis A virus that has been deactivated, and its administration is done by injecting it into the upper arm muscles. The Importance of Giving Hepatitis A Vaccine Giving the hepatitis A vaccine needs to be done 2 times, with a distance of 6-12 months. In Indonesia, the most
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Choice of Dandruff Medication You Can Try

Dandruff hair and scalp will certainly be uncomfortable, not even a few people who feel inferior because of dandruff. If you are one of them, don't worry. There are several choices of dandruff drugs that are effective for removing dandruff in the hair and scalp. Dandruff is dead skin flakes that look white or grayish. Dandruff flakes are commonly found on the scalp, but sometimes it can also form on the eyebrows, eyelashes, and chest. The exact cause of dandruff formation is still not clearly known. However, the appearance of dandruff is usually associated with: Rarely shampooing or bathing. The scalp is oily and too moist or dry. Scalp dermatitis, for example due to the use of hair care products that are irritative. Certain diseases, such as seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, and fungal or bacterial infections on the scalp. Stress. Weakened immune system. Various Drug Options for Dandruff Dandruff is not a dangerous condition and is not contagious to others, b

Swollen Heart Symptoms You Need To Watch Out for

Symptoms of a swollen heart do not always arise, especially if the disorder is not severe. Therefore, do not ignore the mild symptoms that you may actually have experienced when you have a swollen heart. Swollen heart or cardiomegaly is not a disease, the condition is actually a sign of a certain clinical condition or disease. Symptoms of a swollen heart that arise depend on the cause. In some people, a swollen heart does not cause symptoms, but in others the symptoms of a swollen heart that can cause the body to feel uncomfortable. Signs and Symptoms of Swollen Heart that Often Occur It is important for you to recognize the causes and symptoms of a swollen heart, because the condition of a swollen heart will be easier to handle when detected early. The following signs and symptoms that are often found in some patients with swollen heart, include: Shortness of breath (especially when on the move or when lying flat). Arrhythmia or heart rhythm disorders. Swollen legs and feet.